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Purpose for SMS Verification

In a bold move to combat spam, the telecom industry has instituted a new Campaign Registry requirement for all toll-free numbers.


So, what does that mean for you?

Moving forward, all business numbers will go through a process of number verification in order for carriers to allow SMS traffic. 


➡️ If you are using texting to communicate with your customers or clients, you will need to verify your number ASAP, or this feature can be blocked. ⬅️

With our company, verifying your toll-free number is easy and straightforward! We simply need a couple pieces of information, and we'll work with the carriers directly to get your number verified.


For toll-free numbers purchased prior to May 15th, 2022
If you purchased a toll-free number prior to May 15th 2022, you have until September 30th 2022 to verify your numbers. After that date, any unverified numbers will not be able to send SMS traffic.

For toll-free numbers purchased after May 15th, 2022
If you purchased a toll-free number after May 15th 2022, carriers are blocking that number from sending SMS traffic by default. You will have to verify your toll-free number before you are able to send SMS traffic with it.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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