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Visit Slim and the crew at The Barbers Inc.

I frequent the location at 332 Santa Clara St. in Downtown San Jose. I started going here when I moved from Pacifica to Menlo Park. I thought I would look for a new spot instead of going all the way to San Francisco to my previous spot where I had been for almost 4 years. It was a hard switch but my new barber made it worth the 30 minute drive.

I found him on the website I was able to pick a "Master Barber", make an appointment and even pay in advance. I received a confirmation and an appointment reminder. I like that I even get a reminder when it's time to book a new appointment. As a busy wife and mother, less to remember is best! I'm glad he's skilled so my whole family is able to use the same barber.

At my first visit, upon arrival I was greeted by all the barbers as I made my way to the 2nd level, even though they were all busy. It's always a good sign to see all the barbers with a client in their chair. My barber is SLIM but there are plenty to choose from. I even saw a few doing dred maintenance. The mood was lit. Music filled the space. Conversations varied and will keep you entertained and laughing. While you wait, you can either play pool on the lower level or make a drink at the makeshift bar on the 2nd level. They're all pretty accommodating and they always make us comfortable. Be sure to tip the bar table as well but I'm sure you know to do that.

As a female with shaved sides, I'm very specific about my cuts. I need it cut low enought to make 'em seasick with the waves yet, with the proper curves to keep it looking feminine when creating the heavy line that covers my whole head. SLIM got me right the first time and that was enough for me. When I change my mind and want to go lower, he's always able to handle the flexibility.

Basically, try him out and be sure to tip! The man does his thing. The extended grooming for the men and the even fades for the kids, all looking good. I would suggest him for my friends and family and even YOU! Go check out the crew at The Barbers for your next cut.

Pssst....Free kids cuts for back to school, don't miss out! I'll have my kid booked.

Here's a few pics from my last visit May 2024.

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