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Provide "Pro" Digital Services

Donate free sessions or collaborate with amateur artists to support

  • 2 hours
  • Set your price
  • US

Service Description

As a creator on our site, fans or family may wish to purchase services or workshops for our PARCC members but you can also become a valuable source for our in-house creative community. A portion of your choice of the sales will go towards club support while you earn and gain support and exposure from other creators as well. It's a win-win! Customers worldwide can subscribe to your highlights and keep up to date on your new projects. As part of the family, fans can also support you directly on to show monetary support for your future projects Offer an "Exclusive" tailored service. Online can be 1-on-1, regular sessions or multiple sessions participants. Here are a few requests for digital services we look for: Video, Audio or Photo editing/production Web/Graphic Designers and App creation Provide photo stocks Provide video footage Provide audio stock songs, clips/effects Digital assistance/Tech support

Contact Details

  • California, USA

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