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In Creatives We Trust

AE1B Merch Me is an online collaborative project supporting creative artists nationwide.

When you purchase artist creations right here on our site, the proceeds further the programs and campaigns for the members of the Premier Artistic Resource and Coping Center.  


Inspire the arts by donating your own creations!


Support Kingsway PARCC!!

“Chosen by Teachers, Approved by Parents and Supported by Community”

Benihana Las Vegas 2021

Where Creatives Collaborate

For Lifestyle and Love of Art

At our Premier Artistic Resource and Coping Center, our supporters are creators who donate artistic works of all kinds to support our organization. Here, we accept all types of creative contributions as well as exclusive member creations.


Make an entrepreneur! When you purchase with us, the Artist is "The Boss" and makes deal. 100% of our portion goes toward programs that promote and support creativity and entrepreneurship.

We provide members with materials, equipment, tools, and supplies by way of donations, sponsors, contests, challenges, and giveaways. 

We're asking for your support to get top-notch, high-quality items that will allow them to take their events to the next level and get the recognition they deserve.


PARCC members receive their packages by mail and thank donors by either private message or YouTube "un-boxing" video, per request.

We welcome you to look around our site to find a way to support emerging artists in a way that is meaningful to you.


**We are still growing our network, please check back! Soon you'll find EXCLUSIVE artwork and one-of-a-kind digital content. Stock photos, drone footage, ticket sales, unique merchandise, and even hired services may all be found here. Please feel free to make a request if you don't see what you're looking for as we're still building.


Thank You For YOUR Support!



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